Our Vision

To dramatically improve the quality of life of patients living with diseases and disorders of the nervous system through the development and commercialization of breakthrough treatments which improve outcomes and reduce costs to the healthcare system.

Our History

AfGin Pharma, LLC (the “Company”) is a biopharmaceutical research and development company with unique drug delivery technologies for a number of approved drugs in the health care field.  The Company was formed in May 2009 in order to continue these efforts in pre-clinical and clinical development and further explore other categories of central nervous system drugs that would benefit from this drug delivery system.  Since formation in 2009, AfGin has extended operations to include a topical Migraine product (Migraderm.com) which is available throughout all states.  The company has also formed multiple subsidiaries to capitalize on other consumer markets.  The technology and specific agents used within the technology are protected by patents in both North America and major markets throughout the world.


We will always conduct research and commercialization in an ethical and responsible manner.

Improvement In Outcome

We will only introduce therapies that improve patient outcomes

Minimizing adverse effects

We believe in the principal of “First do no harm”.  Therefore, we will always work to develop and commercialize therapies that minimize the potential for adverse effects.

Provide a fair profit at a price that allows for reduction of costs to the healthcare system

We believe we have a responsibility to patients, stakeholders and payers to introduce therapies with high value at a fair price therefore lowering total costs to the healthcare system.